Including HTML in note fields that is rendered on card

Does Anki escape HTML included in note fields?

To me, it seems the answer is yes: e.g., if i create a card field <b>昨天</b>, the HTML I see via cmd+shift+X in the fields editing window is &lt;b&gt;昨天&lt;/b&gt; .

However, I found a 2019 forum post on sololearn which asks “I am adding what i learn here to anki as I go, but when i put in a code example it displays it as actual code as in
displays as a space on the card not the text I want to commit to memory.” This seems to imply the answer is no.


It’s hard to comment on some random forum post someone made. HTML is escaped, but can be interpreted as-is if an option is set while importing text files.

Yes, sorry, I am not allowed to link to the post in question according to forum guidelines.

My use case entails automating note creation via AnkiConnect and I would like to create a bullet list within a certain field via this medium— is there a specific way this is generally done? It seems like all the raw formatting I try to apply (newlines and the like) gets stripped away by addNote(), and that HTML formatting will be escaped by Anki.

Sorry, I don’t have experience with AnkiConnect. If it only happens when using that add-on, please contact the add-on author for assistance.

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i made a mindmanager to ankiconnect macro for mindmanager.
case 1: mindmanager vba → python → ankiconnect.
i failed,
some characters like empty space, , etc make this a no go.
case 2: completely use VBA, gpt4 helped to make space into %20, \ into \.
then it worked.

depending on your text, you may need to try/test out any characters that cant fit into this.

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