Why can't I optmize my FSRS parameters?

Hello there! I’ve been using FSRS on Anki for about 2 months now, doing about 120 reviews/day and 100 new cards/week. I have 1 deck with 6 subdecks and multiple sub-subdecks, totalizing 113 subsubdecks with all the same preset (called “Padrão”). I’m still using the defalt parameters since I can’t optimize due to insufficient number of reviews. Actually, the app says I’ve done 0 reviews, which is nonsense to me. I’ve already tried going into the options of both my master deck and my subdecks to optimize, and both show the same message of insufficient reviews. Some images to illustrate: the first with the error message, the second with my organization of the decks and the third with statistics.


This usually happens if you applied the preset to the wrong deck. Please very carefully check the presets of all your decks (which will take a while in your case). You can also use “Save to all subdecks”, though I still recommend checking manually. The more decks and subdecks you have, the higher the chances that, at some point, you applied your preset to the wrong deck/didn’t apply the preset at all.

Is your syntax in the search filter correct? I’m not accustomed to what it looks like on iOS, but I don’t think that’s right.

Remove what you have there and look at the default filter as a guide, or just use that default (by not entering anything).


Oh, yeah, the space between preset and "Padrao" could be causing the issue.
Btw @L.M.Sherlock in Anki 24.04.2 beta I don’t get an error message even if I type complete gibberish in the optimization field.

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It just returns the current parameters if the revlogs are empty.

Yeah, but I mean surely if I type “alznvtqoj0c796nxznhgdscv” in the optimization field, I should get an error message, right?
What I’m saying is that if the user typed in something that isn’t a valid search query, they should get an error message.

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It’s a valid query. It’s possible that you have a card with that content. It doesn’t pop up any error when you input this query in the card browser.

Then how do we help users like OP? It would be great if there was some feedback, otherwise the user won’t even know that he’s doing something wrong.

In filtered decks, you can check what is on this request. It would be possible to do this here.

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Can also leave a link to the search section of the manual in the tooltip.
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I removed the space and it worked! Thank you! :slight_smile:

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