Unable to optimize decks w/ FSRS

I’ve been trying to optimize a 2 of my decks for a few months now, not knowing how many reviews I needed to do. For whatever reason when I tried today, I got an error saying I needed ≥400 and 0 reviews were found, despite having done at least a few thousand. This is happening with 2 decks, which have unique presets, and the cards are contained within subdecks of these decks with the default settings. However, I only ever study the cards via the top deck, so shouldn’t those count toward the review count of the top deck? Or is this working as intended? Do I need to remove all the cards from their subdecks? Thanks.

That’s not now presets work. You’re running this optimization on one empty parent deck – the only deck assigned to this preset.

Keep in mind that while some Deck Options come from the deck you click-to-study, FSRS parameters don’t. Even if you optimized this preset including the cards in the subdecks [which you would do with the right filter in the search box just below the parameters], those subdeck cards still wouldn’t use these parameters.

No, I wouldn’t rearrange any of your cards. You’ve got better options –

  • Move those subdecks to this preset
  • Optimize those subdecks in the preset they are actually assigned to

Btw, in Anki 24.06 the lower limit will be removed entirely, which is nice, but it means that the user will never get an error message anymore (just “FSRS parameters currently appear to be optimal message”, which appears even when the number of reviews is 0), so it will take far longer for them to notice that something’s wrong. Hypothetically, if OP was using 24.06 beta, to him it would look like the default parameters are just always optimal. I’ve been trying to think of a good solution to this, but couldn’t.
Because so many people are confused by the relationship between decks and presets, I doubt that there is an easy way to solve this.

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