Can't optimize one deck in 23.12

When trying to optimize the parameters for one of my decks, I get: “Error: 500: Insufficient review history to perform this operation.”. I have 33k reviews in this deck and I could optimize it in 23.10.1 without any problems.

I downgraded to 23.10.1 for now.

I can send a link to my collection in private message if needed.

FSRS parameters aren’t for just one deck. They apply to an entire preset, which may involve multiple decks. The preset is selected at the top of the deck options window.

Maybe double-check that you’re optimize parameters for the intended preset (deck reviews). Also, do you by any chance have a very large number of suspended cards?

I’m aware of that, but I use a separate preset for each deck, so it’s equivalent in my case.

I don’t have any suspended cards, but I do have a large number of new cards which I don’t study anymore (it’s a premade deck, I set the new cards limit to 0). I don’t know if it’s relevant though.

Anyway, like I said, I can optimize this deck’s preset in 23.10.1. I even tested after downgrading, with the exact same collection state.

This appears to have been already fixed by @L.M.Sherlock when he altered the outlier filter yesterday, and a fix will be in the next release.

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