FSRS Optimizer Ignoring subdecks

The FSRS optimizer appears to be ignoring my subdecks. I have a few parent decks some subdecks in each as seen:

Collectively, these decks have 9,570 reviews, but when I select the Geography parent deck and choose to optimize there, I get an error saying that I have an insufficient review history. The same holds true for other parent decks which hold over 200k reviews.

After a quick bit of experimentation, what appears to be happening is that FSRS is looking at the deck type and only decks with that type. My parent deck is of preset A while my subdecks may be presets B, C, D, etc. Since preset A is only on my parent deck, it sees no cards to optimize on. When I set one of my subdecks to type A, it optimized. I also now see in the description of “Optimize FSRS weights” is basically what I said about only the single preset. While I understand how it’s working now, I don’t feel like this is the intuitive expectation when dealing with subdecks. The workaround is to have all subdecks be the same preset as the parent and to try to customize their individual settings (if possible). It also appears that multiple presets can be added to the text input. "preset:“A” preset:“B” preset:“C” "? Not sure on the formatting it expects.

As an aside, and apologies for tagging along a separate issue in this one, opening the options menu feels like it takes longer on this version than in previous ones. Not sure if it’s a regression or just subjective.

The “preset:A” is a search query, you can copy that to the Browser and find the cards that are in the decks with that preset.


Interesting. So I could make a complicated search query (such as including certain tags, suspend status, etc) that encompasses only the cards I’d want to optimize on in that field? That is very good to know. Thanks.

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