Optimisation of FSRS weights for different presets

Ankis behavior regarding subdecks (according to the guide):

So the questions that I have are:

-How does this apply to FSRS optimization?
-Does my clicking on the subdeck rather than the main deck (and vice versa) change the way FSRS is optimized
-Does it change the order in which my cards are displayed if I click on the subdeck or the deck (and what is generally more recommended to click)

The field under “Optimize FSRS parameters” shows the search query to find the cards used for optimization.

Well yeah, but it is optimizing according to the preset, but if the mother deck (A) has a different preset than the subdeck (B).

How would Anki then optimizie both of their presets since B is a subdeck of A (they both share the same cards), but A is not a subordinate to B (a has more subdecks than just B).

How would the reviewing of the cards be affected then if I were to click on the deck or the subdeck.

Subdecks with different presets are not used (so if you give the parent deck with no cards directly in it a different preset, you can’t optimize in the parent deck with default settings).

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I am not sure I follow. What do you mean by that.

deck_a preset_a 0 cards
deck_a::deck_b preset_b 10000 cards

In deck_a’s settings (preset_a), you cannot optimize, because there are no cards.

How so when deck b is a part of deck a so that means deck a has 10000 cards :face_with_spiral_eyes: as well

Statistics and Browser use deck b as part of deck a.
But if you search using SQL, deck b’s cards are not in deck a (it requires additional logic to put them together).
Presets use whatever is found with “preset:x”, which is the cards that are directly in the decks with that preset.
If it wasn’t so, you wouldn’t be able to have different presets in a deck tree.

So for example
if i have a deck like this

Deck A

  • Deck B

  • Deck c

And I click on A and the card reviewer shows me my card (which is actually present in deck B).

The optimiser is then activated.

The next time I review, according to which set of FSRS weight are my cards shown if i press on

  • Deck A

  • Deck B

Is it Deck B in all cases regardless whatever weights Deck A has.

Learning steps is governed by the algorithm for learning steps (I am not sure what it is, but it seems like the steps from the exact deck the card is from are used?),
and the review schedule (with FSRS) is according to the preset for the deck the card is from. So yes, Deck B.

Huh…weird. I thought the whole time that whatever deck I am clicking influences the weights, especially since my Deck A and B have their own different presets and the preset FSRS weights are also changing with each optimization.

So this bewilders me quite a bit.

What is the reason why the FSRS weights of Deck A could be changing then with optimization (if they are not affected by reviews of cards in deck b), if the acutal revlog belongs to Deck B then

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