Deck Options: Optimize All Presets

Hello i checked the forum but did not see any details on this.

Does this option below „Optimise All presets“ linked to the new fsrs or what does it optimise?

So is it the same as this optimise?

Maybe it would be useful to add more detail about it in this section of the anki manual here.

it is undecided on where this button should be, but the docs about this function is in Deck Options - Anki Manual

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As NameLessGO said, I suggested moving “Optimize All Presets” to a different place, but instead Dae changed the text to "You can optimize all presets at once by using the dropdown button next to “Save”. You will see that change in the next Anki release (currently in beta), though idk about AnkiDroid.

And yes, it is the same as “Optimize”. It just runs the optimizer on all presets, one by one.


Is it possible to have an option so the fsrs gets automatically updated regularly so you dont have to do it manually? For example each month or every 3 months.

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Dae said that it could cause synchronization problems, but in the future, there will likely be a pop-up to remind users to optimize parameters if they haven’t optimized them for a while.


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