Move "Optimize All Presets" next to "Optimize"

Apologies for silly MS Paint hack job, but it gets the point across. There are 2 issues with the current implementation:

  1. It’s very easy to miss the “Optimize All Presets” option, I wouldn’t even know that it exists if I haven’t read the changelog.
  2. It’s unintuitive that the dropdown menu shows options related to only one preset (such as “Clone Preset”, “Rename Preset”, “Remove Preset”, etc.), but then this option is related to all presets.

+1 to move it. I don’t have a strong opinion where, but where it is now is just bizarre. Everything else in that dropdown relates to the current Preset being looked at, except this one which affects all presets.

I would never think to look for an option that affects all presets there.

I’m not sure. Nothing else in the main options area will a) save or b) close the dialog, and such actions make more sense up the top to me.

Then we need some way to make it more noticeable, since right now a lot of users seem to never discover it. I can’t think of any way to make it more noticeable and keep it under “Save”.

I think that the text “You can optimize all presets at once by using the button at the top.” should be made more clear, at the very least. To me button != an option in a drop down menu.

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@dae while it’s not ideal, I suppose that what @tiviskan proposed above is the best solution if you’re not planning to change the location of “Optimize all presets”. Though, frankly, I still think that keeping “Optimize all presets” under “Save” is a very bad UI choice that almost nullifies the chances that the user will ever discover this feature.

I have no opinion on where this functionality should be, but regardless of where it is, what if you add one of those globes to the right of it?

@dae How about replacing this:

You can optimize all presets at once by using the button at the top.

with this:

Use “Optimize All Presets” in the drop-down menu next to “Save” to optimize all presets.

You can change the wording a bit if this sounds awkward, just make it clear that “Optimize All Presets” is in the drop-down menu near “Save”.

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Ok, I’ve pushed a tweaked version.