Where is the text that tells the user that it's possible to optimize all preset at once?

@dae I’m referring to this change: Move "Optimize All Presets" next to "Optimize" - #9 by dae

I don’t see it in 24.04

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It’s replaced with a message when 30 days have elapsed since the last ‘optimize all’. It won’t show until the user users that feature at least once, and then time passes.

If it won’t show up until the user uses “Optimize all presets” at least once, how is the user supposed to find this feature in the first place?
Please don’t tell me you actually expect people to find it without any hints.

It could be made to show the message before the first optimize, but the message will need to be changed to make sense. A PR would be welcome.

Why not show the text we agreed upon previously, and then an automatic reminder every 30 days?
Btw, according to LMSherlock and other users, it seems like reminders/automatic optimization should happen every 2n reviews, like 8, 16, 32, 64, etc. It would be better than a reminder after a fixed number of days, but I digress.

Wouldn’t it really be best to have a preference for ‘optimize after’ N sessions/when closing/once a month?

No, as it could lead to sync conflicts.