Why a 24h delay when sharing decks? (bis)

Hello, I want to share a deck. I have searched the documentation, the Anki Forums and the interwebz, but there is one thing I do not understand. There is a 24h delay before the deck becomes public:

It will take 24 hours for this deck to become visible to the public, so that copyright holders have a chance to check it first.

I do not really understand how the copyright holders can check the deck if it is not public and no information is provided. Additionally, I have already got the explicit written approval of the copyright holder in this case. But this is a minor annoyance. However, when I update the deck, it again becomes unavailable for 24 hours. So I have a few questions:

  • I do not understand the point of this 24h delay, but maybe the message is just unclear to me; is this actually a manual review? Is there an automatic scan for copyrighted content?
  • are there ways to bypass the delay, for instance with a written approval, or a verified account, or some proof that the content is my own
  • having the deck disappear for 24h is annoying; would it be possible to have the previous version available for the 24h period, until the new version becomes public?

Thank you in advance for clarifying this to me.

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I had to add the delay after a bad apple repeatedly uploaded copyright content via VPNs. The delay allows me and selected copyright holders to be notified of certain uploads before they go live, so they can be checked and dealt with without ever being visible to the public. Ideally the old version of a deck would remain when the deck is altered, but implementing that would require a considerable amount of extra work. There is no way to bypass the delay, but it will eventually go away when your deck becomes old enough.


Ah, I understand! I did not see how it would work in general. But since it is to handle a specific case, it makes sense.

Thanks for the information!

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