While studying, Anki shows answer of the card before

Since I have downloaded the newest update (a few days ago) I have expereinced a new bug. Every five to ten cards when wanting to see the answer to the card, Anki shows the answer of the card before. I then have to leave Anki or have to synchronize my cards. After that it works perfectly fine a few times, but then the problem repeats itself. I have already reinstalled Anki a few times and there is no new update since then. Might there be a way to solve this?

Check your addons in Troubleshooting - Anki Manual

I do not think I have any or how can I check them?

Another thing mentioned in the Troubleshooting link is to try changing the video driver. It is in the menu under Tools / Preferences / Appearance.

You can also check add-ons under Tools / Add-ons.

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