Where to find phonetic fonts for Thai transliteration

First time here. Sorry for errors.
I have started using the Thai language decks but want to edit them or create new ones.
Many of the decks use a special font with characters to transliterate the Thai language sounds.
They look like these examples:
pǒm bpùat-fan
[nám ʔàt lom
jàt dtem, jàt nàk, jàt yài, jàt nâen

I could piece together all the characters I need eventually by extracting each one from phrases such as the above, but it would be painful.

Anybody know where these could be found.
Much appreciation for your effort and time in advance.

Is this any help?:


Thanks, some good info here. I’ll read through it.

Judging by the table of contents alone, it looks like a massive site.

If you find it useful, it would be great if you could post a good review here. There doesn’t seem to be many posts relating to Thai.

Of course, on the other hand, if you think the site is not useful, then it might help to deter other users from wasting valuable time.

BTW: The site is free.