Thai Font in AnkiDroid

I would like to use in my cards special Thai font called LilyUPC. (This is a font that is normally used in newspapers and official texts. It is different from normal Thai font and reading it efficiently has to be learned.)
The font is displayed correctly in the desktop version of Anki, but not in AnkiDroid installed on my Samsung Galaxy Note 11. The text in AnkiDroid reverts to the normal font (not LilyUPC, as expected), even though LilyUPC is defined in the card’s style.
It seems that the Android system on Samsung devices does not recognize font LilyUPC.
Can anyone help to solve this problem and to have font LilyUPC displayed correctly in AnkiDroid?

This is probably due to the fact that the LilyUPC font is not bundled with your collection, but it is expected to be installed on the system where you review. You probably have installed it on your computer, and not on your phone, which is why it reverts to an other font.
You could try this article, which explains how to install fonts on Android.

Thank you. I will try to instal the font on Android.

Another approach: Styling & HTML - Anki Manual

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I have applied the solution suggested by dae and it worked out very well.
I have also tried the solution suggested by BlackBeans. However, the article suggested was a little confusing to me.
Thanks to all anyway.

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