How can I get Verdana font on AnkiDroid?

When learning English I am using Times New Roman for adjectives, Verdana for verbs and Courier New for nouns. On AnkiDroid both Times New and Courier New works perfectly fine but not Verdana. How do I get Verdana to work on AnkiDroid?

Fonts work fine on Anki for PC:

But not on AnkiDroid:

  1. You need to find a Verdana font file. You might find it by googling, or maybe it’s on your system. It’s most likely a file ending in .ttf
  2. You need to put this file into your Anki directory. When you put it there it needs to be prefixed with an underscore, something along the lines of _verdana.ttf
  3. In the Styling section of the respective notetype, you need to add this line:
@font-face { font-family: "Verdana"; src: url('_verdana.ttf'); }

Make sure the name in url(...) is the same as the file you put in your media directory.

  1. Sync with AnkiDroid. You might have to restart AnkiDroid for the changes to take effect.

Thanks! But I couldn’t make it work. Well, I tried the styling section but it changed the whole card. And it’s single words that I need fonts for. I make Courier New work, and Times New Roma work, but not Verdana, and I don’t know why.

It would be immensely useful to get this working. I’m making a shared deck where fonts and colors are needed.

Could you show me two things:

  1. What changes did you make in the styling section?
  2. How do you apply the Verdana font to specific words in the editor?

Thanks for being here! I’ve tinkered some more, here’s the styling and how I apply the font:

You need to put @font-face { ... } outside of .card { ... } (on the top level), e.g. like this:

@font-face { font-family: "Verdana"; src: url('_verdana.ttf'); }

.card {

Everything works now! Thanks a million!

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