Ankidroid does not synchronize font

I have changed the font of some fields in my desk.
Synchronizing with Ankiweb works well, it now shows the new font.
But though I synchronized several times with Ankidroid, the font is not changing.

Could someone help me?
Thanks a lot

Did you follow these steps exactly?

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Thank you so much, it finally works ! The link really helped.

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I also faced the same issue, and I reported it in Change in notetype not synced - AnkiDroid (Android) - Anki Forums (

The link to Anki Manual given in the above post didn’t help me resolve the issue (because the steps given there was exactly what I did to change the fonts.)

I ended up resolving it by copying the styling section of my note template from Anki on my laptop, sending it to myself via email and then copying and pasting the same to AnkiDroid on my phone.

Note that the font file was synced as expected but the change in the CSS was not synced.

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