Font change inconsistent while editing

I set the editing font to sth different but it keeps coming back to the old one.
This note type is based on anki ‘basic’ notes. I added 2 fields(‘extra’, ‘need a hint?’)

This problem is not always there, sometimes when I restart Anki a few times, it goes away and the fonts I set come back.

As you can see I have set both fields in different fonts

Oddly, when I change the field order, the first two fields always work, while the other two don’t.

When exactly does it happen? What actions should we take to cause it to happen?

when I add new cards! It’s very hard to predict the exact circumstances it happens under. However I did notice that it usually happens when I have already added a few cards. (seldomly happens right after I open Anki)

And simply closing and re-opening the add screen doesn’t fix the problem? Does it happen without any add-ons installed?

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