Where can I purchase the Anki "optional extra"? (plus a few questions about financial support)


I’m a user of both AnkiDroid and Anki Desktop, and I want to support Anki’s development. I have a few questions:

  1. When I open the Anki Desktop website, there is written:

To raise money for development costs and AnkiWeb hosting fees, I have created an optional extra that you can purchase in order to support Anki’s continued development

I’m very confused - which is this “extra”, and where do I buy it?

  1. Do the purchases also support AnkiDroid?

  2. Does purchasing AnkiMobile also support AnkiDroid?

Thanks :slight_smile:

The optional extra seems to refer to AnkiMobile. Buying AnkiMobile backs the development of Anki Desktop, and as AnkiDroid is a supplement to Anki Desktop, it might help AnkiDroid indirectly.
However, there is a way to directly support the development of AnkiDroid: https://opencollective.com/ankidroid