How can I donate?

Hi folks,

I’ve been working with Anki Desktop for, say, a year or so. Before Anki, I did my studies using paper flash cards, so the principle isn’t really new to me. I even scanned all of my old paper flash cards and imported them into Anki. Personally, I think Anki is very well suited for me, I’m totally satisfied with it.

Since I successfully passed several exams (and therefore my income raised substantially :slight_smile:), I’d like to support the development team with a couple of bucks.

There seems to be no other way to donate than to buy an Apple mobile device and purchase AnkiMobile. But unfortunately I’m not an Apple aficionado :innocent:. And the Apple store can’t be accessed via an Android device (I think).

So I’d really like to suggest to establish an alternative way to donate.

Any ideas?


I agree, and alternative way to donate would be nice for those non - Apple lovers.

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Please see How can I donate? - Frequently Asked Questions

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Thank you for the link, but exactly the information given there made me ask here if there is some other way to donate. I’d really like to donate, but purchasing an Apple device is not a realistic option.


How about offering something purely cosmetic for purchase, such as a different name colour in the forum or a thank you in the program? I know a lot of people who have benefitted immensely from Anki (myself included) and it‘d be nice to support such a good cause.

Please, take our money. You‘re providing an incredible amount of value to us, so you deserve something in return.


Setting such things up takes time, which I am sorely lacking at the moment. I appreciate the sentiment in any case :slight_smile:


I also would like to make a donation. I think ANKI is incredibly useful. In my case I use it for learning Chinese , but for sure the are many other cases where this program is very useful.
If someone does something that is so useful it is only fair to make sure he is rewarded.

Thanks to the Anki team !

Damien mentioned some time back that it is possible to gift an app like AnkiMobile to somebody on the App Store. While Apple takes a cut this does help both that person and Damien financially. It seems like you do need an iOS device for this, however.

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Maybe you should add some volunteering way to help you. For instance, the first I could think of: if you want to support the Anki dev, please help the community building a site where people can do donations, that does not rely (and is therefore taxed by) third party companies, such as Apple. An other could be: if you want to help, visit the forum often and help other users, so that Damien doesn’t have to do so.

Clearly writing this in the FAQ could help the one that would like to help but don’t know how.


There are pages about contributing in the Anki manual and on GitHub. Also, I think by most people, contributing is not seen as an alternative to donating or vice versa.


Helping out on the forums would be much appreciated - I’ve added a mention of it to How can I donate? - Frequently Asked Questions


From time to time, people request other ways to contribute, such as by making donations via a site like Patreon, or via something like BitCoin. These would take time to set up and maintain, as we need to ensure no laws are being broken, and relevant taxes are being paid. At the moment we feel that the time is better spent working on Anki instead.

Why would setting up a Patreon be a hassle? I don’t understand how it would be a detriment to the project ー In fact I think not having one is holding it back. Take my money goddammit.