Apple family please help me

Guys I will be brave.
I really need anki mobile. I don’t have 30$ to spend now on it. My Android tablet is dead and I have only my iPhone now so cannot even use the mobile one to create cards and stuff.
Can someone make me join in his family on iCloud ?
I can share 20 days of Apple + and really I need only for this exam and then I can try to find another solution.

I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s against Apple’s terms of use, and they won’t let you change families more than once a year. You can review for free on AnkiWeb if you’re unable to purchase the app and don’t have access to a computer to use the free computer version.

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I think it is against I need it just for couple of weeks I am reviewing on ankiweb but I need to change cards add pictures and I cannot.
Last resort is to switch to another of the fake app like AnkiApp or similar.
I really don’t want to do that but I already transferred everything on it and I think I will start using it

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