Family sharing and account

I was using anki by family sharing with my brother but now I have decided to purchase the app myself but I don’t remember making an account so If I purchase the app myself will my previous cards go away that I had?

Did you not see my reply to your other post on tenderapp yesterday?

I recommend you setup syncing first, so you’ll have a backup in case anything goes wrong. Please see this video for how to do so - you’ll want to upload from AnkiMobile if that’s where your cards are.

Syncing in Anki: Getting Started - YouTube

I did see your reply but to even sync I have to open the app and I can’t even open the app. Actually my brother has changed his region to UK so maybe that’s why these problems are occurring

If you’re unable to open the app, but you still have it installed on your device, then you may be able to retrieve an automatic backup via iTunes (skip the export step): Collection Transfer - AnkiMobile Manual

I did see your reply but to sync I have to open the app but I can’t even open it when I try to open it, it shows that this app is no longer shared with you although it is.

I recommend you try recover a backup as I described above. But if you’re unable to, and you were syncing regularly with AnkiWeb and know your account is fully in sync, then you could attempt to proceed without a backup, and you should be able to download your cards from AnkiWeb if the app data gets removed when you purchase it yourself.

Okay thank!

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