Contributing to Anki

I cannot seem to find any link to contribute monetarily to Anki, which is rather unusual for an open source project of this scope. Any idea why?

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I really don’t see why there can’t be a free and “paid” version that’s exactly the same. For example this app could be hosted on the Microsoft Store as a paid app, but have the traditional way to download/install this be free. Paint.NET and other apps already do this.

Just put a disclaimer in the stores that the app can be downloaded for free plus where and why.

For Ankiforums, Anki could sell a shiny badge that would show up next to our names and be on our profile page that signifies that we supported this project.

We should brainstorm here other possibly legal ways Anki can accept contributions “as a business.”

That’s kind of you to offer, but when adding new payment methods, ensuring no laws are broken and international tax obligations are upheld is a headache, and I’d rather put that time towards development instead.


What about or similar solutions?
It is strange that many developers of addons can be financially supported but there is no way to support the main developer.