When exporting add separate options for reviews and deck configs

When exporting a deck, it would be useful to have different checkboxes for exporting review history (i.e. personal progress) and deck options (the settings the deck maintainer think are best for its public). Especially now deck options can be imported independently of revlogs.

Mixing both under “scheduling” doesn’t seem very practical or clear, and it makes maintaining decks a bit more complicated that it should. If I try the deck I’m making out or review a card, I then need to forget the cards before I export it “with scheduling” (to keep the options), in order for other people to start from scratch.

This would also help when updating shared decks, by not overwriting scheduling information when people have started using the deck, but just updating notes and/or deck options.

So, if it is not too complicated to implement, I think this would be a very useful quality of life improvement for maintainers. :pray: