Remember export settings and options naming

Hi, I would like to suggest that Anki remembers deck export settings, the same way it does import settings.

For example, I have a few decks that I maintain and export regularly. Every time I have to mark the checkboxes for: include scheduling information, deck presets and support older versions (media is automatically checked).

If Anki remembered I already marked those, it would really save me some time, and also prevent me from making a mistake and exporting without these options.

Also, I believe “include scheduling information” corresponds to “import any learning progress” in the import dialog, right? Shouldn’t they both use the same terminology and say “include learning progress” in the export dialog?



I don’t disagree, but it’s not the most pressing of issues.

Definitely not, just something to add to the queue, of course.

Remembering the settings would also be in the same range of urgency, I guess.