How to remember which boxes I ticked when exporting


I have a deck with over 12000 flash cards that I export whenever I’ve added something or altered some cards or am finished learning for the day because I built this all myself and it took me hundreds of hours so I cannot fathom the thought of loosing it somehow.

For some reason, after the new update, it doesn’t remember that I ticked “save scheduling information” when I export again.

I don’t wanna accidentally overwrite my backups with an unlearned deck by forgetting this. Why is it not remembering the boxes I ticked when I exported last time?

That’s super inconvenient because it can remember the folder so I can just press enter once I pressed export normally and am done with it.

If you do this 20 times a day it adds up…

does someone have a workaround for backing up and saving the scheduling information?

File>Create Backup will export a backup of your entire collection without media and with scheduling information. The default when exporting a single deck is to strip scheduling info, as that use case is typically used for sharing content with others. Please note Anki also creates automatic backups, and you can adjust the frequency in the preferences. You may want to consider relying on those, and occasionally exporting your entire collection with media if you make changes to your media files.

Thanks for the reply,

I also have decks with media that I backup every day.

And I have had the experience of hard drives failing me, so I also upload the deck in two separate cloud services just to be sure and copy the deck file on external ones too.

What I wonder now, is the collection backup containing the scheduling information?

Also I cannot find the automatic backups anywhere,

I went through the Backups - Anki Manual

and there wasn’t any info where they are saved. I also couldn’t find an option to locate it from the app.

If anyone knows where the backup is supposed to be found on windows 11 I’d appreciate it


Inside your profile. E.g., if your Anki profile is called “User 1”, then the backups folder is going to be inside it. The folder contains files named like this: backup-2022-05-29-18.11.04.colpkg

Hi, thanks for the reply, I’m afraid I cannot follow

What profile?

I don’t have a profile. The anki folder doesn’t have a folder that is called profile nor anything similar, it hasn’t made a folder in the user category either but I have anki installed on a separate harddrive and it isn’t there either.


Every Anki user has at least one profile. Even you. Don’t believe me? Open Anki and press “File” > “Switch Profile”. Every profile is stored in its own folder and has its own collection and media.

yea but it doesn’t show me the location of the backup folder either

I literally cannot find anything with searching either, it’s not in the Anki Folder and it’s not under my user files

I can see that there is a backup because it creates one, but where it’s saved is mystery

Backups can be opened via the UI:

To access them manually: Managing Files - Anki Manual

C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\Anki2\User 1\backups

it’s not under backups in the helpme but it’s under manage files, now I found it :smile:

what I’d love to know, if there’s a way to have a second backup path to another external harddrive, that would make it a lot easier


I would really love to know what others do to automatically backup their anki stuff with media etc.

my main deck is just basically 1x merriam-webster without pictures so that one is automatically backed up and I export it all the time but I have plenty of other decks, and I would really love for the “keep scheduling info” to be automatic

if someone else were to use the deck, they could just CTRL+A and forget all cards, it’s really silly the way this update changed that…

also it wants to be compatible to older Anki versions even though now it’s like 3 times faster when it exports, makes little sense to me too, but I’m no export on version compatibility or why anyone would use older versions…


Making it the default would make the files unreadable by AnkiDroid by default, making life difficult for a lot of users. And removing scheduling after the fact is not an option either, as that does not remove the history that is shown in the stats.

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