Feature- Export decks should have ISO timestamp

This is a simple feature to implement, and I’ve seen apps such as Devonthink use it. Instead of just the default deck name when exporting decks, append an ISO timestamp to separate the backups so they don’t overwrite each other in the exported folder. If this is appended to the save dialog, it’s easy to remove it.

Ex: mydeckname-2104161404.apkg

I think in 99 of 100 cases the end users want separate backups rather than overwriting the same one over and over. Means you could go back in time in case the last backup was corrupted or wrong.

Collection exports do have a timestamp, and they’re the best option for backups, as they are a verbatim copy of your data.

OK but the odd thing is that even if I select a specific collection export, it takes the whole media folder so the backups are huge compared with .apkg exports per Deck. And the decks I’ve made have no media (deliberately).

I just need to continue then and adding in the timestamp for .apkgs when doing backups.

PS: This was interesting, I ran the colpkg a second time and now no media was exported.

Media that’s already in the collection won’t be reimported. You can also just export the collection with media disabled if you know you don’t need to back up any new media files, and just keep an older backup around with your media.

Ok, was just surprised Media was exported for a deck that had zero media references, if only the first time I could live with it, delete it and do another export.