How to export a backup for my Anki decks?

Hi. I have been using Anki for many years. When I go to the computer version and error pops up with “syncing failed”. When I go to the web version my cards are still there, but when I click on them it´s written that I need to upgrade to the v2 scheduler. And to prevent loosing any data they write that I should export a backup on my computer version. But since the only thing I get with the computer version is an error, I don´t know how to do this. And I cant find anywhere on Anki web to expurt backup either. How can I export a backup for my Anki dekcs so I can use Anki again?

I have Anki on Windows. V3 scheduler.

Here’s how I export my backups:

  • In File Explorer, navigate to:

C:\Users<me>\AppData\Roaming\Anki2\User 1

  • Select the entire folder.

  • Copy to an external HDD

If you can’t see that folder, maybe the V2 scheduler has a different folder. In that case, report back here.


You’re using quite an old version of Anki. Please start by following these steps, and it may fix your syncing problem: