Export deck > Export subdecks as separate decks

I’d like to suggest adding this option when exporting a deck with subdecks.

Right now, if I want to export each subdeck as a separate deck, I have to go one by one, exporting them and selecting the “Include scheduling information” and unselecting the “Support older Anki versions” boxes for each one of them. This is fine, but it is easy to make a mistake and tick the wrong setting if there are a few subdecks.

When exporting a deck with subdecks, a box could be added with something like “Export each subdeck as a separate deck with these settings” (similar to the deck options “Save to all subdecks” feature).

My specific use case is creating decks for students with contents of different levels, but grouping them in a big deck and the exporting the different subdecks and providing the appropriate one to each student group.

Thanks for your great work, btw!

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