When clicking on "add" inside of a deck, window pops up as white and (Not Responding)

I’ve tried all of the following and this issue still persists:

  1. making a new account.
  2. uninstalled and reinstalled.
  3. opened the program while holding shift. (I have no add-ons)
  4. check if the program is the latest version. (This happened when I installed the new version) (2.1.56 Qt6) for windows 11.

Again, I’ll open the program, click into a deck, and then click “add” to continue building my deck. The window opens up as full white and (Not Responding). This happens in all of my decks and even when I’ve created a new profile. I have restarted and uninstalled/reinstalled multiple times.

Here is a picture of my files in case that has anything to do with it:

You could try changing your video driver, or switching to the Qt5 version:


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