Delay/White Screen in between cards on new update


I upgraded to 23.10.1 today, and whenever I am clicking through cards using the space bar or my mouse, every 10 cards or so I will get a white screen. If i move my mouse around a bit the card and the text will appear, but this is hindering how fast I can get through cards while using an anki remote or the space bar.

I reverted back to my previous version (2.1.65) and this does not happen. I also disabled all my add-ons on the new version and the error still occurred. Anyone else experience this when upgrading?

Maybe try setting a different video driver? In Tools / Preferences / Appearance.

Also maybe try to see if there’s a difference between the Qt5 and Qt6 versions.

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currently on an m2 mac with the silicon version of qt6. tried installing qt5 and qt6 intel versions and neither would open on my computer. I attached a screenshot below and there is no option to change drivers unfortunately

The option is only available in Anki 23.10+.

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I had the same issue, resolved it by setting the video driver to software (23.10.1).

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