What is the time for a due date?

It is 11 am and I have about 40 cards due today as shown by my card browser.
My filtered deck on the anki main screen still shows no due cards to learn, though.
Is this a problem with filtered decks?
Or has the due time not yet arrived?
I can see and also change the due date in the card browser, but what time does this apply to?
A day has 24 hours and if I want to set a new due date it should also allow to set a time of day for it.

You have to rebuild the filtered deck using the Rebuild button in the deck overview.

I did a rebuild, but now all my 111 cards in the filtered deck are due.
When I reviewed them 2 days ago, I had marked many with due dates of more than a week.
Only about 40 of them were marked to be due in 1 day, so I did expect to review them yesterday or today, but nothing did show up.

  • When you answer review cards in a filtered deck, they return to the original deck
  • When you rebuild a filtered deck, it will include the cards you’ve specified in your search. If your search includes cards that are not due, then you’ll see the cards early.

This may help:



@dae: thanks for the explanation.
I do understand the mechanism now but it also means, though, that I cannot use a filtered deck to learn a filtered subset.
What I do is to learn French with lessons from TV5monde.
I have put all the vocabulary in a deck named “Francais” and then I tag every learned lesson like TV5-01, TV5-02, …
To concentrate on learning the latest words, I did set a filter on the last two lessons and then went ahead and learned only these.
The learning interface made me think that a newly set repetition due date is also applied to the filter, but as you state it is not.
From the link that homocomputeris supplied I changed my filter to (tag:TV5-1 OR tag:TV5-2) AND prop:due<2 and that seems to do the trick.