What happen if 1 card/note fit 2 custom filter deck? thx

suppose i got a card tagged lv1 abc
1 custom study deck filter for lv1
1 custom study deck filter for abc
what determine where the card finally goes?

i wanna do this, because sometimes i wanna study by priority,
sometimes by topic. thanks

btw, google web say its impossible to appear in 2 decks.

reddit human:

while GPT came that it will appear in BOTH (I doubt, after human comment above)
In Anki, when you create custom filters (also known as filtered decks), the cards that appear in each deck depend on the specific search queries you use to define those filters. Based on the filters you’ve described:

  1. Filter for Deck 1: /w filter lv1
  2. Filter for Deck 2: /w filter lv1+abc

Assuming that the syntax /w filter is a placeholder for the actual search query you’re using in Anki (since Anki’s search syntax doesn’t include /w filter), and you’re trying to create filters based on tags or other criteria, let’s correct the syntax to match Anki’s search functionality. Anki uses tag: to filter cards by tags.

  • For a card tagged as lv1 and abc, the correct Anki search queries would be:
    • Deck 1: tag:lv1
    • Deck 2: tag:lv1 tag:abc or tag:lv1 AND tag:abc (assuming you want cards that are tagged with both lv1 and abc)

Given these corrected queries:

  • A card tagged as lv1 abc (meaning it has both the lv1 and abc tags) will appear in both decks if you set up your filters as follows:
    • Deck 1 with the filter tag:lv1 (because the card is tagged with lv1)
    • Deck 2 with the filter tag:lv1 AND tag:abc (because the card is tagged with both lv1 and abc)

Filtered decks in Anki do not exclusively “take” cards away from other decks; instead, they temporarily gather cards based on the specified criteria. This means the same card can appear in multiple filtered decks if it meets the criteria for each.

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Oh, to have the confidence of a hallucinating AI robot!

A card can only be in 1 deck at a time. When you build/rebuild a filtered deck, it takes exclusive control of the cards that match its filter, but it can’t take control of cards that aren’t there because they’ve already been taken by a different filtered deck. Filtered Decks - Anki Manual

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oh okok,
since i use an addon to rebuild multi custom decks. i better check with them instead. thx


but, for custom deck 1 and 2.
which one will be “made” by anki 1st?
what factor(s) determine it?

would be helpful if known.
let it go if too deep.


ok, for me, prob solved.


an option to set in the add-on config which decks are built first and last: This might be useful if a card matches the criteria of multiple of your filtered decks because cards can only be in one filtered deck.

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