Filtered packet and Tags Problem

Hello EveryOne
I have a small problem that I can’t solve:
When I combine 2 Tags in search: Anki forgets to select some cards in the filtered deck, even though these cards in question do contain the 2 Tags selected in the manual search. So it works but Anki leaves out some cards (for info, with only 1 Tag in the search, Anki finds the card and puts it in the filtered deck…)

While exploring, I ruled out these possibilities to fix the problem:

  • The max number of cards in the search is not exceeded (so that’s not it)
  • The type of card/note: nothing to do
  • The fact that the card is in another filtered packet: No, because I only use 1 filtered packet at a time as advised in the video and I delete it immediately.
  • The fact that the card is suspended: I checked, the cards in question are not suspended (In addition, with only 1 Tag in the search, Anki finds them, so if they were suspended, it would not find them
  • I checked the integrity of the database
  • Turn off Anki after having synchronized / Turn on again etc … nothing to do: some cards are not put in the filtered deck

I admit I don’t understand, and it’s a shame that some cards are not identified by Anki when I use 2 Tags in the manual search, especially since the process works since I manage to create my filtered deck using 2 tags even 3, but WHY are some cards that match the search not selected by Anki?

If you can enlighten me on this specific point, it would be TOP TOP TOP!

Hoping you can help me, because this tips is very sharp and I can’t find any problem solving about it…

Thanks in advance.

What is the text in the search field of the filtered deck?

No card corresponds to your search etc…

What is the text you are typing in?

the code is ok since it works but some cards that should go in the filtered deck don’t

I write tag:@@@@ & tag:@@@@

If the & is meant to mean and, as a boolean query construct, well, I think it’s not. You can use and, like in tag:@@@@ and tag:@@@@ or simply nothing tag:@@@@ tag:@@@@.

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