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i saw a post about a solution on how to incorporate both due cards and new cards (new cards that are selected by tag for the filtered deck) into a single filtered deck.

My question is, can i make use of the second filter to make this possible, for example

Deck: Anking is:new tag:smthng (for the first filter)

Deck:Anking is:due (for the second filter in order to guarantee that all my due cards for the whole parent deck show up at the same place as my new cards that i select by tag, making the filtered deck more comprehensive representative of the parent deck, or, in other words, use the filtered deck for studying and the parent deck as a storage room for the new cards that i move whenever i need to study them)

I know this is not what the second filter was made for, but can’t it be used for including due cards rather than just making the search more specific?

Thank you guys in advance.

That’s exactly the sort of use case the two filters were designed for.

There’s potential for confusion, because the documentation section on Filtered Decks omits any mention of the second filter. The word “second” isn’t found on the webpage.

If I understand correctly, there is only a subtle counting and ordering difference between doing first-filter along with second-filter versus doing a single-line (first-filter) OR (second-filter) query.

But it’s easy to think, as @Mustafab above seems to have done, that the second filter applies an AND instead of an OR, and that using a second filter will narrow the search query rather than add N2 cards to the original N1 limit.

Maybe it might help to change the wording from:
Enable second filter
Enable second filter (additional cards)

I’ve added mention of it to the manual.

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