What are best Anki add-on(s) to help auto generate English Vocabulary cards

I would like to create English Vocabulary cards with my own words. I have collected 100+ words that I looked up and now I got a list of them without the terms. I was wondering what are some of the best addons that can help me auto generate the dictionary on Anki.

I would like to include:

  • Word pronunciation
  • Context/Usage
  • Meaning
  • Related image
  • It would also help a lot if I do not have to type each word on the card field it could some how fetch the words from a txt/csv/xl file.

Something like this would be amazing: Advanced English Vocabulary part I - AnkiWeb

Anki 2.1
OS: macOS 11.6

There are quite a few dictionary add-ons on AnkiWeb. Check some of them: