Any tips for learning language?^^

Hi,I’ve used Anki since 2 years but i have given up several times so I only know how to add and study cards.If there are any useful tips(add-ons,some Anki features,…),can you show me how?Thank you so much

For learning language in general, I use the premium version of these two add-ons for generating the cards.:

They are buggy sometimes, but the author is dedicated to solving the bugs.

For the dictionary, I use

I think is one of the best dictionary out there If you’re looking for many examples and more complex sentences, at least in English.

For listening and vocabulary searching, I pretty much use youtube(impossible not to find something you like) paired with this extension and some ebooks.

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For learning vocabulary, I recommend writing example sentences instead of just looking at boring definition or translation cards, especially if you’re past the beginner level.

I use a note type with the following fields for that:
Word: the word I want to learn.
Example: a single sentence written by myself that shows one usage of the word.
Audio: optional field to record myself saying the sentence aloud.
Extra: any extra useful notes (e.g. mnemonics).
References: optional references (dictionary links, etc.).

My process of making and reviewing this kind of cards goes like this:

  • I bulk-import word lists I want to learn from a text file. Only the Word field will be populated at this point.
  • When coming across a new card during my reviews, I try to think of an example sentence and write it in the Example field.
  • When the same card comes up for review again, I just read it and rate my understanding of the target word, and optionally say it aloud and save the recording to the Audio field.
    I used to write new sentences and add them to new cards whenever a card comes for review, regardless of whether it’s new or not, but this proved really exhausting, so I stopped doing that. Now, if I want to learn different meanings of a word, I just add a new duplicate card for it without bothering to write a new sentence now and slow down my review of other cards.
    I usually try to write sentences for the most important meanings of words by opening an online dictionary and looking at definitions and their example sentences and trying to mimic them.

Here is an example of a card:

The icons under the sentence are links to Oxford Learner’s Dictionaries and Sketch Engine,
which I use to learn words and look up example sentences.

I’ve been using this method for a year or so for learning English and Turkish, and I would say it’s certainly better than any definition cards, especially if your goal is not only to recognize words but to be able to actively use them too.

I can share my note type if you’re interested (it’s nothing fancy, really).


How do you generate the site’s icons? Are they automatically shown for each link you may have?

If you mean they’re generated from the links in the References field, the answer is no.
The two icons are simply specified in the front template like this:

<a href="{{Text:Word}}&lang=en&f=concordance"><img src="_skell-sketchengine-icon.png"></a>
<a href="{{Text:Word}}"><img src="_oxford-learner-icon.ico" width="32" height="32"></a>

The References field is for any extra links that I find useful.

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Get it. I thought the icons would be generated automatically when a link was specified in a particular field that you might have. Just as the behavior of web browsers when adding bookmarks generates small icons in the bookmark bar.

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