English vocabulary Addon to batch define all the selected cards

As title say, I am always collect words throughout the week to have them imported to Anki so I need an addon where it will auto generate vocabulary for all the cards I select.

P.S. I recently tried AutoDefine addon but its one at a time thing where you have to click on each card and click generate button and wait for it to generate the definition it is also quite buggy where it will open a browser and shows an error and then attach definition so there is a lot of friction in the whole process.

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Oxford Define Addon is the only (other) one i know. Though its a fork of AutoDefine so it wont be much help to you, sorry.

Check out this question on StackOverflow, you could tweak it to work with anki Imports:


You may have more luck with these add-ons (not tested):

Or you can use an online tool like EasyDefine: http://www.easydefine.com/