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Suggestion to add a little feature to Anki

When using Anki flashcards for building vocabulary, some people may choose to show the word first to test their comprehension, while others might choose to show the definition first and guess the original word to test their ability to recall which is said to be the ability to use this word in conversation.

You can refer to this Stack Exchange discussion for further details: learning methods - When using flashcards, should the word or the definition be hidden? - Language Learning Stack Exchange

For me, I’m really the type that wants to use a new word in conversations, which means that I want to view the definition first and guess the word.

However, when inputting the dictionary materials to Anki to build flashcards, I often copy/paste a few sections from the definitions of a dictionary into Anki. These definition usually contain the original word in places such as verb conjugations and example sentences. This is usually cumbersome for me to replace them with empty underlined spaces.

So I’m wondering if Anki developers could develop a feature that automatically replace the original word with empty underlined spaces in the definitions? For example, the word “cumbersome” should be automatically replaced with this “_______”.I believe this would give Anki a huge competitive advantage when compared to other similar products out there. I would even pay for getting this feature developed!

If anyone also wants to use this feature, please comment below or if there’s a button to upvote this post, you’re very welcome to do so.

Patiently waiting for responses,

I think this is better handled in an add-on as Anki is a general program.
You can input the word in a word field and the add-on takes care of removing any occurence of it in content you paste in the definition field.

This sounds like you’re putting too much information in your cards.
I recommend testing yourself on a single definition each card.
Putting too much information in a single card doesn’t help remembering words.


Thanks Abdo! You’re very helpful.Just to be sure, an add-on that can remove any occurrence in the back of a flashcard has not been developed, has it?
Thanks again,

I’m not aware of such an add-on, but depending on the language you’re learning, you may find some of the dictionary lookup add-ons in AnkiWeb useful.

Ok, thank you very much!