Replacing Definitions with Terms

One reason I don’t always use Anki to study languages is because I can’t switch the definition and the term. Why is this important? When I’m learning to read and recognize the word, Anki is great. But when I want to learn how to write the word I can’t switch which part of the card I see first, I can’t switch the term and the definition. Typically when I want to learn how to write (especially in Chinese and Japanese) I want to see the definition or the romanization of the word, write it by hand, and then look at the term. Let me know if you know of any easy way to switch the terms and definitions in a deck, or if anyone knows if Anki plans on adding this feature. Thanks!

I’m not sure if I understand you correctly because the complete customisation of your flashcards without entering any information twice is actually one of Anki’s greatest selling points.
I advise you to read the manual section about key concepts. If anything’s still unclear afterwards, it will be much easier for you to ask for help in a way so that others can help you.