Suggestion: show meaning if card already exists

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Just a suggestion which might be useful for some: when creating a new card and the word is highlighted in red (indicating it is already in a deck somewhere), perhaps have the contents of the existing card appear to remind one of the meaning of the word per the existing card.

For example, I’m learning Portuguese and have built up an enormous deck of cards over the years with Portuguese words and their English meanings. When I want to create a card for a word which I think is new (since I’ve forgotten I’ve already created such a card possibly years before), it would be very helpful to quickly see the existing card in a pop up or something rather than just the red highlight which still requires me to go and look up the existing card or check a dictionary.

Just a thought. (Edit: for AnkiDroid)

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Hi @Jarrod :slight_smile:

I’m not sure if you are aware of this, but when the red highlighting appears, there also appears a link with the text “show duplicates”. Left clicking on that link should show you all the duplicate cards in the browser.


Thank you, @Hildeguard; very useful! I don’t believe this feature is available on the app though? It would be a great addition there as it’s the primary means by which I use Anki.

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It looks like this.

Try disabling add-ons if that doesn’t appear for you: When problems occur - Frequently Asked Questions

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Hi @abdo, thanks for your suggestion! I don’t see any such option in the app and I don’t believe I have any add-ons active.

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Looks like it’s not implemented in AnkiDroid yet.

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It always helps to specify which app we are talking about: Anki for desktop (including operation system), Anki for iOS or AnkiDroid.


Apologies - it’s for AnkiDroid.

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