Auto define for Oxford dictionary

This add on is really useful however does anyone know if I can use the Oxford dictionary instead of the Mariam Webbster dictionary

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AutoDefine doesn’t support anything other than Merriam-Webster dictionary.

But try this addon: (I didn’t test it personally)

This was something I wanted to write an addon for but never got around to doing it :frowning:

Here you go:

I made a basic add-on. It probably needs more work to be convenient to use.

Download the ZIP and extract it and put it in your addons folder.

You need to get API keys from here to be able to use it. You’ll get two keys. Put them in the configuration file just like AutoDefine.

The add-on dumps all word definitions in one field, which is something I don’t recommend to do, especially with a dictionary like the Oxford English Dictionary. It’s a poor way to study words. I used to do that :expressionless:

Currently, it supports defintions and pronunciations. I would like to add support for example sentences.

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