Thoughts on a Britannica / MW API integration?

Hi All!

I represent Britannica / Merriam Webster and have received multiple requests from endusers asking for native integration. We offer a comprehensive product suite ranging from the complete encyclopedia, dictionary, and thesaurus, to enhance word games and create educational, language learning, and other word-related applications for the digital environment.

Posting here to see if there is an appetite for this and to some inight for how you would be able to leverage this sort of API if you had access natively through Anki!



There’s already a popular add-on named AutoDefine that offers integration with your API. It’s missing things like support for Learner’s Dictionary and example sentences though.


Anki decks often rely on user-created content, which can have inconsistencies. Britannica and Merriam-Webster offer trusted, well-researched information. Having access to definitions, synonyms, antonyms, and even encyclopedia entries within Anki would allow users to create more comprehensive flashcards and improve knowledge retention. The ability to link directly to relevant encyclopedia articles could be particularly useful for studying historical events, scientific concepts, or other complex topics.