WikiLookup [Official Support]

Official support thread for the WikiLookup add-on.

Feel free to report any bugs, or give suggestions on how to improve the add-on!
keep in mind this is my first attempt at making an add-on and I was making this as a side project in my free time, so it has a lot of room for improvement.


Hello! Can I use this addon with Wiktionary to see IPA words ?

Hi! Implementing the Wiktionary API is pretty straight-forward and should be easy to add since it is so close to the Wikipedia API. However, I am currently almost finished with the promised multi-language search feature which would allow you to look up different words from different languages and the add-on will display the Wikipedia article in the language most relevant to the looked up word. It is my number one priority right now and it should be out in a week! The logic for it to work is complete and all that is left is to implement it in the add-on as well as recreate the settings popup and some integrations (which, admittedly, is very tedious work, so I don’t guarantee that it won’t take longer than a week but we’ll see :sweat_smile:)
However, after I am done with that, I am open to maybe implement some sort of a switch to change between Wikipedia’s and Wiktionary’s APIs, but as I said, I have to sort out how the add-on will function with the newly introduced language changes first in order to figure out how the Wiktionary part will work. Do you have any suggestions regarding how you want it to work? (for eg. do you want it to also be able to detect the language on its own or do you want to explicitly choose it as it currently works in the settings menu?)
Hope that your not in a hurry for it, but I think it’ll take around two weeks for that to be implemented. I’ll also be releasing the source code for the add-on to github if anyone is interested in implementing some other APIs.