NEW Add-on: Field AutoComplete

Huge thanks to u/FloatingOrange who has joined the team to help make add-ons. Also thank you to everyone that supplied ideas for us to base off of. This is the first of hopefully many add-ons to come. This add-on was based on suggestions for “Different Note Type Fields”

This is a very new add-on. If you find bugs, please report them on GitHub and we will promptly look into it!

What does it do?

After enabling the add-on from the editor, typing words will bring up suggestions based on content from the same field of other notes of the same note type
dropdown (1)

The config (under the AnKing menu) allows for toggling loose or strict searches and setting a keyboard shortcut

This add-on was funded by generous donations and purchases of our Anki Mastery Course.


Would it be possible to make it also / or read from predefined in configuration file list of words? Why? Because in different decks I have content from different sources and different dictionaries. Some dictionaries uses a bit different wordings, for example: adv. or adverb. If this add on could read from predefined list it would allow to standardize words classes and use the same across different decks. Just an idea.

Anyway, it is already very useful. Thank you very much.