Addon for searching and replacing

Is there any addon available that will enable us to find a word in the edit template?

Background:- I use massive close card type to make notes. While studying if I find some mistake, it is getting very difficult to find and correct the particular item in the big note.

Please suggest an addon to overcome this predicapment

I understand you want to edit the template? if so, maybe the best solution is to copy the template contents to an external text editor like Notepad++ and edit it there.

if you mean editing the note contents, you can also use Notepad++ or Find and Replace.

This is a general limitation of this notetype. Perhaps it’s best if I have another go at providing a simple companion add-on for it. I have already developed the tools you need - just for a much bigger project that’s a long way off from publication.

Basically it’s about displaying only the parts that are used for that particular card - and only show the full content in note view.

Thanks for your reply.
Can you share the companion addon?. Each massive note contains around 150 cards. It will be of great help if you can release this companion addon at the earliest.

I am very excited to learn that there is something big coming up. Thanks for your effort and time.

is the companion search addon that you are developing for the bigger project ready for release?
my notes got really big and its very difficult to find the card-specific cloze for adding information

I know that you know the addon " extended editor for field (for tables, search&replace, …)", so I will just remember that it has a search option activated by Ctrl+F.

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@davidcortez . Thanks man… you saved the day…