Bug report: unable to find if bold

I tried to search for field:word and it works fine, but if part of the word is in bold, the search does not find it.
For example, if i have two cards:

  • first card has “word” inside field
  • second card has “word” inside field

If i search for field:word i only find the first card

Have you checked the HMTL view? I am guessing in your example in the card is actually wo<b>rd</b>. You could use regular expressions to filter that.

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searching on fields requires an ‘exact match’ by default.

Anki is only able to search within formatting in the sort field you’ve configured. For example, if you add “ exa mple” to one of your fields, this will not be matched when searching for “example” unless that field is the sort field. If a word is not formatted, or the formatting does not change in the middle of the word, then Anki will be able to find it in any field.



I think the above may only apply to regular searches - single-field searches do not ignore formatting even if they are the sort field.

I searched for a fix around the web and i discovered this addon Search in formatted text in any fields - AnkiWeb that seems to fix the problem (but i still have to test it more).
Would it be possible to integrate this fix as a native solution? I don’t mind installing the addon and forgetting about it, but more addons means more possible incompatibilities, more problems to fix if an addon break with a new anki update, etc.

That change will mean notes consume more disk space, and I’m not ready to commit to that until I’ve had a chance to investigate full text searching in more detail.

Ok thank you.
Also, i tested the addon further and unfortunately it doesn’t work