Bug: I have a card in my deck that does not show up in searches properly

I have a card for the word 雨宿り that for some reason does not show up when I search for it.
The front card is “雨宿り; 雨やどり” without the quotes.
When I search for just 雨宿, it does show up.
When I search for 雨やどり, it does show up.
However, when I search for 雨宿り or “雨宿り; 雨やどり”, it does not show up.

I have copy pasted the search terms directly from the card to the search box to make sure that there are no wrong characters.
I have checked the card for weird characters like zero-width spaces or something like that, which could screw up the search but found nothing.
I have changed the card to read just “雨宿り” but that didn’t help.

There could be many such cards that don’t show up in the search, but this is the first time I noticed it.

I am using Anki version 2.1.35.


This is most likely caused by formatting (HTML, etc.) between the characters.
Anki only searches within formatting in the sort field.

From the Searching section of the manual:

Anki is only able to search within formatting in the sort field you’ve configured. For example, if you add “ exa mple” to one of your fields, this will not be matched when searching for “example” unless that field is the sort field. If a word is not formatted, or the formatting does not change in the middle of the word, then Anki will be able to find it in any field.

When in the note editor, press Ctrl+Shift+X to open the HTML editor and inspect the field content.

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It is as you said. Problem solved.