[bug] search cant find half bolded strings

If you use bold to highlight a word or an ending, you wont be able to find it. For example, searching "this learning" will not find cards with

  • this learning is good
  • this learning is good

I understand this is a limitation of text being stored in html, but its a shame. I rather being able to search than to have highlights. Is there a fix for this or should i just not use bold?

Until we see #1085 implemented, I think a viable option is to write an add-on that strips HTML on the fly while searching (Will make things slower, but I think it’s possible)

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Happy this is already considered and that addon would be great until this is fixed

I will stop using bolding in the meantime until one of those exists


Search in formatted text in any fields by Arthur Milchior


Thank you! This works really well!

This add-on’s allow to search in any field as in the search field. There is a cost, the search column of the browser will contains extra data. It means that you’ll be able to use full search in ankidroid, and probably in IOS.

I dont understand this part. I dont see anything new in the sort field. What is the search column?