Browser does not find coloured text

I’m using coloured text in my mnemonics. Anki’s Browser ignores the coloured letters. When searching for “SUIdwinde” (in my note the Letters SUI are blue) it isn’t found, but “dwinde” is. This happens regardless of wether I had copied and pasted already coloured text into the note or coloured the text using Anki himself.

  • Anki is only able to search within formatting in the sort field you’ve configured. For example, if you add “example” to one of your fields, this will not be matched when searching for “example” unless that field is the sort field. If a word is not formatted, or the formatting does not change in the middle of the word, then Anki will be able to find it in any field.

Maybe you can work around this with this add-on: Search in formatted text in any fields - AnkiWeb


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