When I change the color, I can not find it any more!

(Anki for IOS).
Sometime, I change the color of some words in the card to make it outstanding. but , in this case, when I try to sort it out, I can not find it.
For example. Card reads. ’ Anki is a very powerful tool’.
I think the word ‘tool’ is important, so I change the color of the word ‘tool’ from black to red.
When I make sorting with ‘tool’, this card will not be shown in the sorting result.
Is there any way to solve this problem?

Have you tried to make the word bold instead of changing it’s color?

Because I know from experience that the cards can easily be found when searching for them, even if the word I search for is in bold.

thank your very much for your reply.
because I am using Anki to study Japanese.
Bold is not enough outstanding.
Definitely need red color to make mark.
I have used Anki for a long time, it never makes me disappointed.
Hope the developer could make some update to make Anki perfect.

Ok I see you point.

I hope someone knows what can be done in this case…

thank you very much.

There is another problem. Actually I don’t use Anki for study, but also for work, especially make record of something important file.

When I make sorting by one certain ‘key word’, it is ok that every card including this ‘key word’ is listed,
but some cards may have much content. it is not easy to locate all of the ‘key word’. We have to read it from A to Z to find the ‘key word’, then I can find what I want.
In this case, if the ‘key word’ is shown in different color, it will help us much to find it.

Formatting can only be ignored in the sort field at the moment I’m afraid: Searching - Anki Manual