Persistent Editor Add-on

I’m desperately looking for an add-on similar to the persistent editor add-on by hgielsel since the developer has not updated the add-on for newer versions of Anki. Would pay!

try this:

Thanks for the reply! I use that add-on as well, but I find myself wanting to add things to fields that aren’t on the current card yet, which edit during review doesn’t allow for unfortunately.

The linked add-on (Edit Field During Review (Cloze)) does allow you to edit currently empty fields

If you go to the add-on’s preferences and enable Ctrl + Click to edit field (Cmd on mac)

When you click Ctrl/Cmd while reviewing, placeholders displaying the empty fields’ names will appear. You can click on them to edit the corresponding empty field.


Thanks for taking the time to reply! That function doesn’t seem to be working for me on the Anking V12 deck.

I see, it’s well possible that this function does not work with some card templates.

In this case, I suspect it might be due to the fact that the AnKing note-type uses conditional replacements, so that the fields are only included if they have some text in them. AnKing v11’s overhaul cloze notetype seems to work this way.

E.g. {{#FieldName}}{{edit:FieldName}}{{/FieldName}}

Conditional replacements (Manual)

If you are comfortable editing the card template, maybe you could try adding this kind of code to the Front and/or Back Templates:

{{^Additional Resources}}{{edit:Additional Resources}}{{/Additional Resources}}
And so on, for every field you wish to include.

These ‘duplicate’ fields will be included only when empty, and will show only after clicking Ctrl/Cmd; their purpose is to allow you to quickly fill them with the Edit Field During Review (Cloze) add-on.

If you don’t manage in the next few days, send me a private message. Maybe I’ll make time for it.

Bumping this. Would love to see something like this for those of us who make frequent edits